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    Bruce Gjovig, Grand Forks, ND
    Mary Ann Armbrust
    Dave and Cazanne Fitterer
    Dave and Patti Miedema
    Chris and Nan Kennelly Family
    Brent & Andrea Pieterick - Horace, ND
    The Baird Family
    Johnsen Trailer Sales, Inc
    LInda & Alan Butts
    Cory and Cecily Fong
    Tony and Sheila Weiler
    Joel & Jan Gilbertson
    Lance and Terryl Roningen Gaebe
    Lisa and Clare Carlson
    Carole Kline
    Al and Kathy Jaeger
    Al & Jane Christianson
    John and Sue Dorso
    Nicole and Jim Poolman
    Gene and Connie Nicholas
    David and Ruth Borlaug
    robert and marlys fleck
    Ron Grensteiner
    Dan and Carol Cashman
    Lisa Gibbens
    Kyle Handegard
    Jerald and Debbie Vance
    Pamela Anderson
    Cathy and Chuck Rydell
    Jake & Molly Rodenbiker
    Senator Tim Mathern
    Erin & Chad Oban
    Ron & Laurie Rauschenberger
    Steve & Nancy Deichert
    James Patrick Thomas
    Robb & Beth Dohman
    Jay & Lana Nicholas
    Earl and Lois Rennerfeldt
    Sue and Mark Andrews
    Roscoe & Kristi Streyle
    Julie Burgum
    Senator Tim Flakoll
    Dave and Mary C. Johnson
    Senator Rich and Kayleen Wardner
    Senator Judy Lee
    Senator Tom Campbell
    SE Republican Women
    Sandy Boehler
    Lonnie & Pam Laffen
    Kyle and Laura Davison
    Kelly Armstrong
    Steve and Wendy Feeney
    Jim Schmidt
    Beth and Wayne Stenehjem
    Todd, Shirley, Jordan, & Matthew Porter
    Nathan Martindale
    Senator Jessica Unruh
    Bev & Jerry Klein
    Adam and Michelle Hamm
    Shane and Brenda Goettle
    Howard and Joan Anderson, Turtle Lake, ND
    Sean and April Johnson
    Jason Dockter
    Treasurer Kelly & Chuck Schmidt
    George & Kathy Keiser
    Tony Welder
    Joe & Kathy Ibach
    Jack & Betsy Dalrymple
    Brian & Karen Kalk
    Matthew and Amanda Sagsveen
    Gregory and Sara Wald
    Diane Lillis
    Janice E. Irby
    Jeff and Jan Topp
    First International Bank and Trust
    Touchstone Energy Group
    Nodak Mutual Insurance
    Sanford Health
    Mike and Sherryl Lefor
    Cynthia Schreiber-Beck
    Michael & Kim Vannett
    Connie Nelson
    Rick & Tracy Berg
    Jonathan Casper
    Daniel Companies
    Norman & Eunice Jones
    Ron & Neva Carlisle
    Kelly & Sarah Johnson
    National Information Solutions Cooperative
    Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc.
    Midcontinent Communications
    Thomas & Georgia Dawson
    Keith & Jo Streyle
    Rep. Kathy & Harry Hawken
    ASB, Inc.
    Basin Electric Power Cooperative
    NextEra Energy Resources LLC
    Industrial Builders, Inc.
    Great River Energy
    Gregory & Diane Larson
    Bill & Joyce Kingsbury
    Robert & Linda Christman
    Pifers Auction & Realty
    Union State Bank Fargo
    Mark & Gloria Sanford
    Memory of Gov. Arthur A. Link
    Ellis & Carol Berg
    BNSF Railway Foundation
    Senator Brad Bekkedahl
    Hebron Brick Company
    Otter Tail Corporation
    Otter Tail Power Company
    Helen & Albert Klein
    Sanford Medical Center Fargo
    Ray Holmberg
    Sean and Jessica Foss
    Dave and Kory Hagler
    Nancy Johnson
    Claus and Marsha Lembke
    MDU Resources Foundation
    Vernon & Rosella Laning
    Dr. Burton & Patricia Belknap
    Ralph & Marcia Kilzer
    James & Margo McCulley
    Joseph & Florence Hauer
    Mike Feltis
    Kelley and Sue Kunnanz
    North American Coal Corporation
    Ron & Karen Offutt
    H.A. Thompson & Sons
    North Dakota Guaranty & Title Co.
    Cedric and Mary Theel
    Dan and Tricia Traynor
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