Rebuilding the ND Governor’s Residence

by onsharp.admin

In 1955 the North Dakota Legislature approved funds for a new residence to be built after the old governor’s mansion required significant work that was not financially viable. In 1959 construction began by Ritterbush Brothers Architects and Engineers.

“There was originally another architect involved and his design ran too much money and there was a limited budget on it,” said Bob Ritterbush, architect.

And, there were also other hitches along the way to completing the residence.

“That area used to be a undesignated cemetery and we did find three bodies while excavating, and another one under the road in front of the residence,” said Ritterbush.

The Facilities Management division has already started the planning process.

“The planning process right now. We’re drafting what’s called the request for qualification. We have the advertisement already done for positions in the paper and other areas throughout North Dakota,” North Dakota Facilities Management Director John Boyle.

One of the conditions of the bill was that the new residence has to be built in the same location as the current one.

Who We Are

The Friends of the Residence is a nonpartisan 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization created in 1986 that strives to create public awareness of the historic and civic importance of the North Dakota Governor’s Residence. We support the ongoing work of maintaining and preserving the governor’s residence through a variety of fundraising efforts.